Updated 9/21/2023

A New Direction

de Venny, Inc was established in August 1991, marking 32 years of operation. Currently, we are excited to announce our return to the real estate industry, embracing a new opportunity.

Goodbye to the old de Venny

Unfortunately, due to the influence of technology and our lack of attention to the industry, we have decided to make this move. Despite our two-year effort to revive the packaging business, it has evolved in a different direction and we are no longer aligned with its new direction.

Dear existing customers, we understand that you may have concerns about our future availability. Rest assured that we will be here for you. Please keep an eye out for our new website, which will be launching within the next 30 days.

It is starting!

In 2010, our family flipped foreclosed properties for years. As a licensed realtor in Florida, I handled all company listings. Now, I'm bringing my expertise to Georgia.

Gorgia Real Estate License

New Real Estate Broker

Tom de Venny