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Key Lime Partners

Flipping Foreclosures

Key Lime Partners flipped foreclosed properties in Broward County, Florida. My brother handled financing.  He along with his wife and her sister were the decorators.

My Role
  • List and market the houses
  • Renovate the entire property
  • Coordinated offers and contracts
  • Extensive research on each property
  • I acted as the realtor for the property
  • Handle inspections, appraisals, and any related tasks
  • Research on mortgages, liens, (HOAs), and permits
  • Managed all activities through to the closing
Listing Agent for the  North Georgia Mountains
How can this experience
assist you in selling your house?

The experience I gained as a listing agent for our business enables me to assist with all aspects of selling your property.


Our marketing approach involves creating custom websites with complete content control.

Street Domains

Creating custom websites for each property under the street address was the most effective marketing strategy.  

Attached to a Sign

Use the street address domain website on the for-sale sign to boost property showing requests. This is the art for the actual sign we used.

This Works!

Prospective buyers driving by the house would see the For Sale sign and stop. They would take out their phone to search for more information about the property. I created a website to sell my personal house, and it was amazing to see buyers in front of the house, browsing the website.

Sellers Be Ready!

Sellers,  be prepared as buyers with realtors may send  a text message to request to come straight into your house for a showing.This has happened to me multiple times when I was the realtor for my own house. The buyers were texting me while I was watching them in the car in front of the property.

This is a previous version
of a sign we use for a house.
Listing Agent for the  North Georgia Mountains
This is the sign we will be placing on
your property in the N. GA. Mountains.
Tom de Venny Realtor N.GA Mountains
Some Examples
of our Past Houses
Before and After Images
Listing Agent for the  North Georgia Mountains
Walled up kitchen that was totally dated
Tom de Venny Realtor N.GA Mountains
After (More Images)  
Opened the kitchen up, wverthing is new.
Tom de Venny Realtor N.GA Mountains
Kitchen was in bad shape when we got it.
Tom de Venny Realtor N.GA Mountains
After (More Images)
New cabinets, appliances, counter toips & backsphash